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liquid caramel color CDL-004

liquid caramel color CDL-004
  • FOB Price: USD 1 / Kilogram
  • Min Order: 500 Kilograms
  • Supply Ability: 50,000 Metric Tons per Year
  • Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
  • Brand Name: AIPU
  • Shipment: 30 days
  • Model Number: CDL-004


1.high hue index
2.widely used in brewed soy sauces and compound seasoning sauces

Description   AIPU’s Caramel Color CDL-004 is obtained by controlled heat treatment of food carbohydrates in the presence of both ammonium compounds and sulphite compounds. It is a liquid product with high hue index which provides a red and brilliant coloring. This product is GRAS(21CFR 182.135)(Class IV,INS No.150d) Application  Widely used in brewed soy sauces and compound seasoning sauces because of its excellent coloring intensity. Please refer to the related laws and regulations in the country. Ingredient Statement  Caramel Color Specifications  Items PropertiesTypical ValueE Absorbance 0.118~0.1330.120Hue Index ≥5.35.5Specific Gravity(25°C)                     1.300~1.3301.315 Viscosity(25°C)                  (cps) ≤8’000600 pH Value 4.3~5.34.8 Salt Stability (in 16% w/w NaCl solution) No HazeNo Haze*Ammoniacal Nitrogen (as NH3)     (%) ≤0.50.02 *Sulfur Dioxide(as SO2)            (%) ≤0.10.02 *Total Nitrogen(as N)              (%) ≤3.32.4 *Total Sulfur(as S)                 (%) ≤3.51.2 *4-Methyl Imidazole            (mg/kg) ≤20080 Arsenic(as As)                (mg/kg) ≤1.0≤1.0 Lead(as Pb)                  (mg/kg) ≤2.0≤2.0 Heavy Metal(as Pb)            (mg/kg) ≤25≤25Mercury(as Hg)               (mg/kg) ≤0.1≤0.1*Calculated on an equivalent color basis.  Shelf-life and Storage:                                                                One year. Stored in tightly closed containers in a cool and dry environment. Avoid direct sunlight. liquid caramel color CDL-004

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